Triple Crown Energy | Our Team

Doyle Williams, TCE Principal

Doyle Williams is a principal of Triple Crown Energy LLC. His primary responsibilities at Triple Crown include managing operations, drilling, engineering and production. Doyle has four decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. Beginning in the early 1970s, he worked directly or indirectly for several energy companies including Noble Drilling in West Texas, Union Oil of California, Humble Oil and Gulf Oil in offshore Louisiana, Tiger Mud, Unit Drilling, Zoller-Danniberg, Rhine Drilling, Dyco Petroleum, Drilling Control, Magness Pet, Andover, Trigg Drilling, Helmerich & Payne, Lofflin Drilling Company, Cachuma Drilling Company, Andover Oil & Gas and Anderson Oil. Since then, Doyle has founded or served as president and or executive of a number of oil and gas companies, including Wilmco Mud and Chemical Co., Osage Enterprises, Discovery Energy, Inc., Dyco Petroleum and BCF Gas Co. In addition to his experience as an executive at a number of oil and gas companies, Doyle has extensive operating experience and has operated well over 500 wells during his career and been actively involved in the drilling of thousands of wells.

Chase Williams, TCE Principal

Chase Williams is a principal of Triple Crown Energy LLC. His primary responsibilities include managing acquisitions and divestitures, contracts and land. Prior to joining Triple Crown, Chase had a 9-year career at Chesapeake Energy Corporation where, following a series of promotions, he served as District Landman. During his tenure at Chesapeake, Chase’s experience included managing the Land/Title Due Diligence Team for a $2.2 billion Eagle Ford Shale joint venture with CNOOC Ltd. and a $1.3 billion Niobrara Shale joint venture with CNOOC Ltd. In addition, he managed an acquisition process of 40,000 net acres of undeveloped leasehold in the Eagle Ford Shale and played a leading role in land, title and related transactional matters in connection with both A&D transactions totaling approximately $850 million and seven Volumetric Production Payments conveyed by Chesapeake to various financial institutions burdening oil and gas properties located in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, West Virginia and Kentucky for a total Volumetric Production Payment transaction value of approximately $3.5 billion. Chase is a University of Oklahoma Price College of Business Graduate and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Energy Management and a minor in MIS.